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Happy New Year 2021!
2020-12-30     (点击次数:)

Happy New Year 2021!

Extenics Society of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence,

International Academy of Extenics,

Research Institute of Extenics and Innovation Methods (Guangdong

University of Technology) have a lot of

gratitude for your contributions,

we wish you to enjoy yourselves in the festival!

we wish you and your family safe and healthy in the epidemic!

In the past year,

"2020 Cloud Forum on Extenics " was successfully held on the

"Tencent Conference" online platform.

Scholars of extenics gave speeches on the fifth Global Chinese Quality Summit,

the first RDMI Annual Conference and the fifth TRIZ Annual Conference,

and the 18th Asian Quality Network Organization Conference.

The “Hong Kong Economic Daily” published "quality management

scholars promoting extenics", reporting the efforts  Dr. Jianhong Li has made to promote extenics.

“The principle of innovation: introduction to extenics, an original

discipline in China” was published by Hong Kong Institute of Quality.

"Extension Innovation Teachers Club" has organized 9 sharing

sessions on the "Tencent Conference" online platform.

The first popular science book on extenics for teenagers,

“Innovation, I can do it”, was officially published by science popularization press.

The popular science micro-videos on extenics for teenagers

"Innovation, I can do it" and "New explanation of Cao chong weighing

the elephant" have been produced and released.

This year,

Almost 300 extenics-related research papers were published at home and abroad.

190 dissertations of Master and PhD adopted extenics theories and methods.

The 6th conference of the 15th standing committee of the committee

on extenics was successfully held, and members of the 16th committee were elected.

The changing session conference of the committee on extenics was

successfully held, and the standing committee members and main

leaders of the 16th committee were elected.

Scholar of extenics was appointed as a member of youth editorial

board of CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology.

Many schools have used extenics to improve students' innovative

thinking and comprehensive quality.

Many enterprises have organized training on extension innovation

and contradiction problem handling.

In the coming year,

In India, we will hold the workshop on "Extenics and Intelligent Decision Making"

in ITQM2021 (Chengdu, China)

In Nanjing, we will hold "The 17th National academic conference on Extenics".

We will endeavor to create a new situation for research, application

and promotion, and team construction, making Extenics boom all over the world.

We believe that through concerted efforts, mankind will overcome

the epidemic and embrace a more environmentally friendly, harmonious and healthy future!

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