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Monograph"Extension Innovation Method" is published by CRC Press
2018-12-28     (点击次数:)

To promote the internationalization of Extenics, monograph "Extension Innovation Method", written by Prof.Chunyan Yang(Director, Society of Extenics, China Artificial intelligence Association; Director, Institute of Extenics and Innovation Methods, Guangdong University of Technology) is published by CRC Press,November 2018. This is the first monograph published by foreign press with no charge, which is siginificant to the international spread of Extenics.

Brief Introduction of the contents:

The core of innovation consists of creative ideas. Methods of innovation provide effective means for independent innovation. As described by Extenics, a discipline that originated in China, the generation of creative ideas inevitably abides by certain rules and approaches!

Extension innovation method is an approach used for generating creative ideas. It utilizes basic theories of Extenics to establish a combined modeling-quantification method that can be learned effortlessly and operated conveniently. In addition, this method is able to indicate where one can start her innovation, identify the basis of creative idea generation, suggest tools for creative idea generation, and illuminate how to evaluate creative ideas and select the superior creative ideas among available choices, etc. This method is also applied to elicit new ideas and resolving contradictory problems in various fields. In this book, all of the commonly used extension innovation methods are introduced and analyzed thoroughly to demonstrate that they are practically applicable. This book makes it convenient for readers of different levels and different knowledge backgrounds to study this set of innovation tools. Moreover, many highly accessible cases are provided in each section of this book.

This book is suitable for engineers, managerial decision makers, and university scholars and students who are learning about product innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, system innovation, etc. This book can be used as a textbook for elective courses for undergraduates, graduate students, and doctoral students studying relevant specialties that involve innovation or innovative activities.

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