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Extenics Seminar 2017 was successfully held in Guangzhou
2017-07-12     (点击次数:)

The Extenics Seminar 2017 was arranged by Guangdong University of Technology and held from 1 to 3 July 2017. There had 38 scholars from Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei and China to participate the seminar on 2ndJuly 2017. Using this platform, we exchanged our studies and activities on Extenics from each other. Firstly, we took a group photo for memory.

In the beginning, Prof. Yang Chunyan(Director, Institute of Extenics and Innovation Methods, Guangdong University of Technology) gave a welcome speech and introduced scholars to us.

Then Prof. Cai Wen(Founder of Extenics and The Director of International Academy of Extenics (HK)) gave opening speech. He briefed the development of Extenics through 30 years and it’s the time for internationalization.

Prof. Liang-Teh Lee(Chairman, Tatung University) gave a guest speech. He told us that they invited Prof. Cai Wen to Taiwan since July 1996 (21 years ago). At that time, Extenics started to be studied in Taiwan. He said that we faced to Industry 4.0 or the fourth Industry Revolution, Extenics is one of key elements in AI for extending our intelligence.

Dr. Aaron Tong (Chairman, HKCIE) gave guest speech. He said “Hong Kong can’t sleep anymore and we need to wake up and catch the opportunity”. He told us that he brought new management system to Hong Kong in 80s to solving the contradiction problem which was to increase production speed and quantity, the quality was sacrificed. So both product speed & quantity and quality were improved. The new approach was 6 sigma but it focused on stability (reduce variance). However, we need innovation and adopt a deviation during stepwise breakthrough. Extenics is suitable innovation approach to achieve this aim.

There are totally ten expert reports, respectively given by Professor Yang Chunyan ("The research progress of Extenics theory and Innovation Methodology"), Professor Huang Youping ("Perspective of Extenics – Toward Globalization"), Professor Zou Guangtian ("Data mining and application on Extension Architectural Strategy and Design"), Professor Chen Wenwei("Extension Data Mining and Application"), Professor Li Xingsen("Extension transformation and application under internet background"), Professor Zhou Jianqiang ("Low carbon design of large aerodynamic device to solve contradiction methodology and application"), Professor Cai Wen ("The progress of Extenics Internationalization and Socialization"), Doctor Li Jianhong ("The Promotion of Extenics in Hongkong"), Secretary-genenal Yin Hanfan ("Extension Innovation Method application in Patent Mining"), Acadamic Director Zhao Zhongkai ("Extension Innovation Thinking and Young Creativity Incubation"). They gave brief introduction of the lastest working progress in their fields.

In the discussion named "Extenics Internationalization and Socialization", participants shared their suggestions. Taiwan representativessaid that didn’t focus too much on SCI impact factor journals but also focused on industry. Hong Kong representatives also shared their thinking on promoting of the Extenics. They all agreed to collect more successful cases to introduce to the industries.Local scholars shared their views too.

The Seminar is successful. Participants from Taiwan, Hongkong and mainland have carried out a deep communication on Extenics and its future development, which is helpful to the further promotion of Extenics in Taiwan and Hongkong.

Professor Yang Chunyan is leading the beginning ceremony

Professor Cai Wen is giving speech

Professor Li Deliang is giving speech

Professor Tang Weiguo is giving speech

Professor Liu Wei is giving speech

Professor Yang Chunyan is giving expert report

Professor Huang Youping is giving expert report

Professor Zou Guangtian is giving expert report

Professor Chen Wenwei is giving expert report

Professor Zhou Jianqiang is giving expert report

Professor Li Xingsen is giving expert report

Professor Cai Wen is giving expert report

Doctor Li Jianhong is giving expert report

Secretary-genenal Yin Hanfan is giving expert report

Acadamic Director Zhao Zhongkai is giving expert report

Place of expert report

Group photo

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