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Science Significance and Future Development of Extenics
Science Significance and Future Development of Extenics
   “The Xiangshan Science Meeting of Symposium 271 held at the Beijing Fragrant Hill Hotel on 6-7 December 2005, was organized jointly by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Natural Science Fund Committee, COSTIND and PLA General Armament Department. The theme of the symposium is on "scientific significance of Extenics and its future development".”
   The assembly room In the discussion, the experts participating in the conference considered that Extenics envisages contradictory problems and puts forward a grave task, which is worthy of attention and should not blench. Extenics is a transverse, general, intersectant and developing discipline. The all hope that Extenics could become a kind of mathematical tool, which would link natural science and social science. All experts said that the independent innovation of Chinese scholars should be supported and protected.

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