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Five consensus of Extenics
Five consensus of Extenics

The extension theory is an emerging discipline that takes the contradictory problems as the object of study, takes contradictory problems intellectualized processing as the main research content, and takes the extension methodology as a main research method. Research on intelligent processing of contradictory problems is of great significance to the development of modern science.

On the positioning of Extenics: Extenics is an intersection discipline of philosophy, mathematics and engineering. Since Extenics studies exist in various fields of research, therefore, the discussion agreed with the positioning about Extenics that Extenics is a cross disciplines just like sciences of information theory, Cybernetics theory and systems theory.

Extenics broke through the limitations of Cantor set, fuzzy sets and classical logic. It established extension set, the dependent function, extension logic and extension methods. It initially formed an ability to describe and address the issue of quantitative change and qualitative change. It has constructed theory system and application methods of intellectualization process for contradictory problems.

Extenics and other disciplines of cross fusion, initially achieved a number of engineering applications in action, showing the broad application prospects.

Extenics is an new cross-sectional discipline which should be paid more attention to and given more support. It regards the intelligent process to solve contradictory problems as the core.

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