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Happy New Year 2017!
2016-12-30   审核人:   (点击次数:)

Happy New Year 2017!

Extenics Society of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence,

International Academy of Extenics,

Research Institute of Extenics and Innovation Methods (Guangdong University of Technology) have a lot of gratitude for your contributions,

We wish you to enjoy yourselves in the festival!

In the past year,

In Korea, we held the workshop on "Intelligent Decision Making and Extension Innovation" in ITQM2016.

In "The 1st Global Chinese Quality Summit" held in Hongkong, Extenics attracted much concern as one of the two keynote speeches.

We held "Introduction and Application of Extension Innovation Method--Chinese Original Discipline" in City University in Hongkong.

"Hongkong Chinese Engineer Association" held "Application and Popularization of Extension Innovation Method" Seminar.

We introduced the recent progress of Extenics in Taiwai Datong University and National Taibei University of Technology.

In Hongkong, we held "The 1st Hongkong training on extension innovation four-procedure method".

Internationalization of Extenics continued to be expanded.

This year,

We held “The 15th National academic conference on Extenics” in Ningbo.

Many scholars shared new research achievements on Extenics.

"Chinese Artificial Intelligence White Book--Extenics" was published on "The 6th Chinese Intelligent Industry Senior Forum".

The number of National Natural Science Foundation Projects on Extenics has increased to 76.

The research on Extenics has been continually deepened.

This year,

Extenics Society has been regarded as one of superior major societies of Chinese Artificial Intelligence Association 2016.

ScienceNet has reported "Establishing Chinese original discipline by gathering elites from diverse sectors".

Guangming Daily Science has reported "Fund assists a rapid development of Extenics"

In the coming year,

In India, we will hold the workshop on "Extenics and Intelligent Decision Making" in ITQM2017.

"Development report of Chinese original discipline--Extenics" will be published formally.

In Guangzhou, we will hold "two-sides four-place workshop on Extenics".

Theoretical and application research on Extenics will be further promoted.

We will make Extenics well serve popular entrepreneurship and innovation.

The New Year is coming,

We will work hard to achieve new goals.

Let us hand in hand, strengthen cooperation,

and make Extenics serve independent innovation better!

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